Monday July 24th 2006


So says Tim Hannan, president and CEO of Wall Around the World, Inc.

Over the years, walls have gained a rather bad reputation. They've come to symbolize everything from insurmountable obstacles to closed mindedness and stupidity. Those days are over and have been since March 27th of this year. That date saw the launch of and The Eternal Wall, an interactive website designed to globally promote commerce, personal expression, communication and whatever else its subscribers might have in mind . Indeed, according to Tim Hannan, its potential is limited only by the creativity of its subscribers.

The Eternal Wall concept, while certainly building on past internet marketing insights and expertise, is set apart by its versatility. It's part search engine, offering links to its subscribers websites; it's part billboard, offering stationary ad space and it's part animated palette for commercial or personal expression. It's all this and more. Its additional potential is being discovered every day by its users and visitors as well as by the site's innovative management team.

A degree in anthropology from SUNY at Stony Brook coupled with a personal entrepreneurial spirit, gives company president, Tim Hannan a unique perspective on offering an internet vehicle with as much appeal to the large scale corporate advertiser as it has for the individual with a message and a taste for perpetuity. He states:

"The history of humankind is one of building; it's a history of creative construction. The effort of building has traditionally brought a wide variety of people together in a spirit of acquaintance and interactive cooperation . Networking isn't as new a concept as some may think. The venerated Amish practice of barn raising is a great example. They still do it today."

His vision is shared by his partner, vice-president and CFO Louis D'Ambrosio. With a family business background in real estate and a business management degree from Dowling College, Lou brings to The Wall the acumen needed to successfully compete in today's cyber-marketplace. He says with wry humor:

"I've been in real estate all my life and know its value and I see our Wall and the property it's on as a great investment. This "land" is located in prime cyber territory and it's well worth developing."

The Wall itself is the site's centerpiece and every subscriber has their own personalized brick of any size if that's all they want. They can also alter the wall's structure with archways, tunnels or whatever else may architecturally enhance their message. It's set within an environment that can be added to quite readily by anyone with imagination and/or marketing savvy. Above the wall peeks a skyline (right now of New York City but, with the site's growth, soon to reflect its global nature) set against a cloud dotted azure sky across which may be flown anything from a kite to a hot air balloon, either to deliver a promotional message or simply for the sheer joy of self expression. In front of the wall runs a street upon which one can navigate any kind of earthbound vehicle with the same promotional capabilities. It's an unusual site offering a unique opportunity for attention getting presence.

Adding to its uniqueness is The Eternal Wall's pricing structure. It's a one time fee based solely upon the pixel content of the advertisement. Pay once and your presence on the wall is as ongoing and eternal as the wall itself.

When the Great Wall of China was built (by the way, you really can't see it from outer space) it was a grandiose accomplishment of hard work and mortar with a practical purpose. It's now a relic but one that tens of thousands of people visit each year. The Eternal Wall promises to generate visitation in the millions and it won't be a relic for quite some time; all in all a very appealing prospect for anyone looking to get noticed, sell product or just be a part of something truly unique.

The Eternal Wall is a concept just "off the wall" enough to make a serious impact on internet marketing.


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July 24th 2006