What is Wall Around the World?
Well if you have not read the About Us section yet, Wall Around the World is the slogan for The Eternal Web Wall that you see on our main page. The Wall will be a collection of innovative ideas from across all aspects of humanity, linking together people and ideas for a common good.

Why should I buy a spot on The Wall?
If you are looking for exposure and to be a part of something that has never been done before. If you are looking for advertisement, the ability to spread a message, an idea, a personal, a piece of artwork, anything your mind can think of, this Wall can do wonders. We are steadily climbing up the Alexa traffic rankings, so the spots on The Wall are seen by thousands each day.

What does my money buy me? For more details on what exactly you can do, please go to the “Buy a Spot” link. In a nutshell you reserve space on the Wall in computer measurement of pixels. We are opening at 5 cents a pixel. Your space on The Eternal Wall will include a brief description of your choosing that pops up when the mouse hovers over your spot, and a link to your website or email at your preference. You also get traffic directed to your site at no extra cost. We don't charge you everytime someone clicks on your space like other websites. We don't charge you weekly or monthly to 'republish' your spot. We are The Eternal Wall, not The Weekly Wall or The Monthly Wall. :)

What do I do to get something in the sky, like that balloon or the billboard?
These are what we call “Hot Spots”, spots that are not conventional, like themed spots on the page. use your imagination. There is so much more to be done. To inquire about a Hot Spot and to get a free estimate, you can email sales@wallaroundtheworld.com

Where does my money go? Your money goes to the operation of wallaroundtheworld.com. If we get big enough, maybe we’ll fund a manned mission to Mars. Maybe. :)

The Wall is meant for entertainment purposes only. All bad links will be reported to the Wall Staff and dealt with immediately. We here at the Wall are only interested in providing an original website for people to browse and capitalize on. Sometimes visting the same old web pages gets old, so maybe you’ll mix it up, and keep checking us out! There will always be something cool and new on The Eternal Wall.